Printing With Compassion

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 with White Sands photograph

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 with White Sands photograph

I love making prints of my photographs. For me an image becomes real when it leaves the world of pixels and enters the physical one and lives on a beautiful piece of Hahnemühle paper.

For a long time I used an Epson 9900 printer. About three weeks ago the heads clogged and no amount of cleaning cycles and soaking in magic potions would clear those petrified heads. In trying to diagnose the problem I came across Jeff on Youtube. Jeff solved the problem with his Epson 9900 with a sledge hammer! It’s quite a thing to watch.

So on Wednesday last, I bid farewell to my Epson 9900 as Manny, the Albuquerque scrap guy hauled it off to its final reward. Oh 9900!!—I’ll miss the battles we had and all the wonderful prints we made in spite of your temperamental nature. You tried your best 9900 and fought the good fight . . . head towards the light comrade!”

My plan is to carry on making prints to be sure. I decided that a change was in order however. I have said good-bye to Epson, at least for now. I look forward with anticipation to the arrival of a new CanonimagePROGRAF PRO-4000 printer this week. The beautiful black-and-white and color prints I have seen from the Canon simply take my breath away.

I understand the name Canon comes from the Buddhist “bodhisattva” which suggests, among several things, the idea of compassion. My hope is that my next adventure in print making will be filled with an abundance of compassion, a smattering of sympathy, and maybe even a little grace too from this new Canon printer. One can only hope.

Craig Varjabedian