Suddenly I found myself on television . . .

KRTV News Reporter Beth Beechie and Craig Varjabedian at the Hamlett Ranch, Cascade, Montana, 2012

Last week I taught (facilitated really!) a workshop in conjunction with an exhibition of my photographs titled "Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby" at the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana. I spent 3 days with 10 wonderful photographers making beautiful photographs of ranches, the big skies of Montana and plumbing for the deeper meanings of photographic images. It was an amazing and fun group of people.

On Saturday morning, the day of our first field trip, Kim Kapalka, the Education Coordinator for the Museum was contacted by KRTV Television, the local CBS affiliate in Great Falls, and asked if they could send a reporter out to do a story on our photo workshop adventure for the evening news. We agreed. I am delighted to have met Beth Beechie, a rising star reporter for KRTV News who organized and filmed our short film segment that appeared at 5 and 10 pm that Sunday evening.

I send my sincere thanks out to all the good folks who attended the workshop: Fiona and Gail, Tara and Leighanne, Steve and Steve, Norman and Gail, and Velda and Paul for sharing with me some of that fine Montana hospitality I have heard so much about and for making the workshop such a wonderful experience. Appreciations also go out to Chief Curator Sarah Burt and Education Coordinator Kim Kapalka, at the C.M. Russell Museum for making this workshop possible.

Participants for a photography workshop taught by Craig Varjabedian at the C.M Russell Museum, October 19-21, 2012

You can read more about my brush with fame here: d;-)#