It's easy to get lost in the allure of fine photography gear. Believe me I've done it. Years ago, I came to know this old photographer named Frank G. who told me that when he started out making pictures in the 1920's he had one camera and one lens and he "shot" lots of pictures. Shortly thereafter, as his bank account grew, he acquired another lens and another camera. Then another lens. Then another one after that. After awhile he had accumulated a suitcaseful of lenses and cameras and eventually discovered that as he acquired more and more cameras and lenses he made fewer and fewer pictures. Aahhhhh! 

Listen folks, unless you're a camera collector, photography is about a profound response one has to life. We record those moments to understand, to remember, to savor and to share them. I make photographs because I have to. It's how I enter the world. With that said . . . there is a piece of me that feels some small need to apologize for the egregious and perhaps even decadent display of gear below. These great tools however make my photographs possible. I present them here with my sincere hope that they may enlighten those who wish to understand how my work is made.