A Visit by Students from the Colorado Springs School

Students from the Southwest Photography Seminar, Colorado Springs School, Colorado Springs, CO  2014

'Nothing you do for children is ever wasted –Garrison Keillor

A few weeks back, we hosted students from the Colorado Springs School at our studio. Under the guidance of Ms. Vicki Vaughn, the students from the school's Southwest Photography Seminar were regaled with stories from behind the lens told by Craig Varjabedian as part of a week long photography adventure in New Mexico. As one student commented,

I would just want to sincerely thank you for meeting with my seminar group. When I saw your name on the trip's itinerary, I thought that we were going to view your work in a museum, but actually meet you in person, at your studio!!! It was like a dream come true . . .

Thanks Vicki Vaughn, Anne Hatch, Eric Gaylord and the thirteen students of the Colorado Springs School for the delightful visit. You made our day!