All my friends know the lowrider . . .

A Low-Rider Cadillac named Chimayo, Santuario de Chimayo, New Mexico  1997 Photograph Copyright ©Craig Varjabedian My long-time friend Victor Scherzinger sent the following to me recently: 

Dear Craig,

Your images always change my view of life. You have taken me into worlds of joy, melancholy, awe and grandeur . . .

A mighty cottonwood holding forth in the middle a field.

A dog waiting on a bench for her master.

A corral in disrepair that hearkens of the hardness of living off the land.

A morada where men once ruled the small valleys of the north.

Fleeting shadows on an adobe walls as the spirits passed by.

A single yucca defying the sifting white sands for survival.

The incredible landforms in Monument Valley.

And the Anasazi petroglyphs that prove there were taggers before lowriders.

Just thought you should know,

Ole Guy!