Craig Varjabedian photographing in the Aspens. A Photography by ©Cindy Lane

As busy as I claim to be, I've still got the greatest job in the world. - Peter Criss, drummer for the rock band Kiss

I have been wondering for some time now if being a photographer means that you really know what busy IS. I struggle to find the time every day to get all the work done. And the time to get out there and shoot always seems to diminish the more busy I get. I'm not complain' though as the alternative would be much worse! Perhaps it’s never done until it’s really done and we take the final climb. I think I have found solace in knowing that I am not alone in a couple of comments that found their way to my e.mail inbox recently. They are both from photographers I respect:

 “A lot of people say this and it rings true for me as well – learning how to juggle the massive amount of administrative tasks that come with being a photographer. When I’m not shooting, I will spend entire days organizing receipts and invoicing, returning emails/phone calls for future jobs, planning the next promo, printing new pages for the portfolio, updating the website… the list is truly endless. And then it repeats itself. I’m still learning to cope with the fact that I will never feel completely caught-up and there will never be an end to the non-shooting work that a photographer has to manage.”- Cody Pickens


“Sometimes it feels like the business of being a photographer keeps me from being a photographer!” - Alan Ross