My Sunflower

Sunflower, Afternoon, Summer,Near La Cienega, New Mexico  2013 by Craig Varjabedian

I had the privilege of working for the photographer Paul Caponigro several years ago when he lived in Santa Fe. He is a prolific and exceptional artist and I am particularly drawn to a series of beautiful photographs he made of Sunflowers. In a book he published simply titled "Sunflower" the photographer writes,

"Sunflowers resounded in me. I worked and lived with sunflowers by day, and at night it followed me into my sleep. Passionately I travelled the path that was laid out for me moment to moment. My camera focused on the earthly rays of the sunflower, while my mind focused on its other-wordly emanations."

from Sunflower by Paul Caponigro

Ever since I first saw Paul's Sunflower book, these beautiful flowers have resounded in me too. I love looking at the photographer's images of sunflowers (and his other photographs too) and delight in making my own images of these beautiful glowing sentinels of the garden.