My Teacher Norm Stewart

Me, Norm Stewart and another Guy, Bloomfield Hills Lahser High School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  c.1975. I awoke to Paul Simon on the radio this morning:

"When I think back On all the crap I learned in high school. It’s a wonder I can think at all . . . "

Somewhere along the way I found photography and then life began. I am grateful for all the teachers who came into my life and helped me on the journey. This is a picture of my high school photo teacher Norm Stewart—one of the best. And I’m the guy in the middle in the checked shirt staring in wonder at a print as it is pulled from the tray. To this day that wonder has never ceased . . .

A heartfelt thanks to the “legendary” Mr. Stewart.

P.S.  I posted this previously on Facebook and many kind comments were left. I like this one in particular:

Thanks for your kind words Craig. As a young teacher just starting out in the late 60's, I learned early not to get in the way of gifted students with heart, drive, vision and passion. You were among those and your success is evidence of that.

—Norm Stewart