The Grace of Music

Composer Michael Mauldin's Music CD's The dictionary defines grace in many ways. My favorite definition is the bestowal of blessings. Author M. Scott Peck (Road Less Travelled) defined it as an unearned miracle.

Recently I clicked the “LIKE” button on composer Michael Mauldin’s Facebook page. Yesterday a kind letter arrived from Michael that spoke of our mutual love of New Mexico and an appreciation of my photographic work. The letter also included two CD’s of his music titled “Enchanted Land” and “Earth Spirit.”

I played the CD’s later in the day and what I heard was grace set to music. I am in particular awe of his collaboration with the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra on the CD “Enchanted Land” and his piece “Three Jemez Landscapes” which harmonizes with music I often hear in my head while I am out on the land making photographs. His music is overwhelmingly beautiful.

I think of gifts like these as unearned miracles. They were not asked for certainly and I don’t think they were particularly earned; at least in a traditional sense. I am grateful to Michael Mauldin for the gift of his music and for sharing it with me.

Learn more about Michael Mauldin’s music on his web site.